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The Hunger Games.

I finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy and realized I had no other place to write my impressions about it under a safe cut than my Livejournal. I haven't written anything for so long... But here it goes.

*WARNING* Heavy spoilers about the end from here (end of the books, not just the 1st movie!).

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Me - Pollito

Summary of my life, February 2012.

My Livejournal is so inactive... I'm posting here, but I post pics and such directly at communities (x_x)

I post finished pics in DeviantArt and finished pics + doodles in Tumblr.

Currently obsessing over No.6, happy to read Gouhou Drug again (must draw fanart), getting stuff ready for Japan Expo... And that's the summary of my life at the moment.

Oh, and my manga O.U.T can be bought digitally now, you can check here
There's yuri in it, aside from het ( ' 3 ' )♥♥♥♥♥
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Today it's been one year since my cat Mushi disappeared.

I kind of got over it, but when I remember him, when I remember how he was born in this house, how we called him "the explorer" because he explored the house like noone else, how I gave him the name Mushi because his face was like a little bug, how it was always him and Mikan, the two brothers together... it makes me extremely sad.

Take good care of your pets, they deserve the best.
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Good neighbour... not.

We finally placed the mosquito nests in the two windows my cat Mikan usually runs away through.

I was happy while placing it, till a crazy woman came to complain... She says she doesn't want the nest there because she uses that window to pick up pieces of cloth when they fall from her second floor. I told her she can still pick them up through the window of her neighbour, that I needed the nest to prevent Mikan from going away and never come back like Mushi did, and she was still really angry saying she wanted to pick up her damn pieces of cloth.

The other neighbours told me she is crazy and problematic... So most probably she will take the nest from the window some night when nobody is looking.

To summarize: there's nothing I can do to keep my cat safe. I'm such a lucky girl lately.
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Cintiq twenty fooooooooooooour.

Why, why is Wacom releasing Cintiq 24 HD.

I was feeling miserable already that I lost my chance to get 21ux for free and I'll never be able to save up for it, Cintiq 24 HD is probably way more expensive OTL

Maybe the good side of all this would be that they might lower the price for Cintiq 21ux? ;;; Not sure about this...

I really want Cintiq 24 HD after watching the video (more about the supporting platform than about the extra width), but I'd still cry with happiness if I could get Cintiq 21ux.

Damn it, why do I have expensive hobbies when I'm not rich? *Goes buy lottery tickets*
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Today I found out that apparently, in January last year when I became self-employee, I could have gotten a subvention with which I could have bought material for my work up to 6000 euros.

Free new computer, free Cintiq 21ux, free new monitor.

Oh, but the consultant that helped me with all the paperwork forgot to mention that and now I'm past the deadline to request that subvention.

I called him today to ask him why he didn't tell me back then,  and he said "sorry, I didn't think you' would need it and I forgot".


I think I'll go throw myself through the window, brb.
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